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Zeta Male Network is a network of distinguished and honorable husbands, fathers, brothers and friends who support the purpose and work of Zetas and serve as resources for future generations of leaders. Its purpose is to serve as role models and leaders in the community. Within this assemble of men; chivalry is still very much alive and they have perfected the art of guiding young male and females to make good decisions. It is comforting to know Zeta Network men are visible mentors who are ready and willing to help the sorority accomplish their many service projects as well as help young people build a strong future.

Zeta Male Network members of the District of Columbia enjoy several workshops designed especially for men including Health, Wellness and Fitness for the African-American Man and special outings.  We encourage all Sorors and their male network members to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to network and bond with other members of this growing group of men who make a difference in the lives of Zetas.